About Flame Furniture Inc.

Timeless design, sustainable quality and ecological awareness, is what matters to us.

We design and tailor furniture to reflect your unique lifestyle, creating freedom in every space. Each piece is carefully crafted to last not only for years but for decades.
Flame furniture inc. is an artisanal company based in Belgrade, Serbia.

Working with natural materials by hand, we know that each piece is unique and that every product will be different from one another.


Furniture can be beautiful, well-made, or practical. But only once we have given them meaning they are truly valuable to us and become a self-evident part of our lives.

We are convinced that substantial design must not make any compromises in the quality of materials. That is why we use only slow-growing, solid woods from sustainable resources in Serbia. Between every working process, we allow the wood to rest in a humidity-controlled environment, thereby creating especially long-lasting surfaces.

Let's design the place you always imagined

We are here for you. If you need a custom-made piece of furniture, we will work together to find the best solutions for your space and needs.

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